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Dwarkadhish Horizons is a emerging company that provides inspection facilities to your business. We provide a ton of facilities for you so that you can sit and relax and we take care of your business 24/7.

Agricultural Inspection

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Thermal Inspection

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Who Are We?

26, M

A Computer Engineer, Innovator and Entrepreneur, driven by a profound passion for technology and innovation. With a strong educational background in Computer Engineering, I have ventured into multiple successful businesses.

One of my ventures includes pioneering work with a drone survey company, where I harnessed the power of unmanned aerial vehicles to revolutionize surveying and mapping processes.

I am always open to exciting collaborations and networking opportunities to explore how technology can shape a better future.

Computer Engineer | Entrepreneur | Innovator

Ajit Singh

26, M

I am a Mechatronics Engineering graduate with a strong background in technical and quantitative knowledge. My expertise lies in efficiently managing projects and providing top-notch drone pilot and Geographic Information System (GIS) support to various renowned companies, including Sunbreeze Renewables, INOX Wind, SPRNG Wind, Renew Solar Power, and TPWODL.

Throughout my academic and professional journey, I have honed my skills in Mechatronics Engineering, enabling me to develop innovative solutions and tackle complex challenges. I am passionate about utilizing cutting-edge technology and data-driven approaches to deliver outstanding results in every project I undertake.

Mechatronics Engineer | Project Manager | GIS Specialist | Drone Pilot

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